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2018 - another year overloaded with events

Hi there,

it’s been a while. Things have been super-busy with the Königs in NZ.

Here some videos from the last few months about what we were up to.

After Victorias first Holy Communion we were blessed with some time in Fiji where Cecilia celebrated her 8th birthday:

After the Fiji trip we were swamped by football weekends again until the end of October where Niclas went to the tournament in Taupo again (no video’s – just pics and I’ll try to upload some to this post today or so). In November Claudia went to Germany to surprise her Grandma at her 90th birthday. Only Carmen knew and it was a great surprise for everyone else. Also in November Niclas got an award for best in math in his course:

Here we have to mention that Max had an excellent year in school with almost every result being an excellence on his final report as well as being the best in Digital Technology, the best in Social Study’s and the best in the beep test for all year 7, 8, 9 & 10 (outstanding achievement).

At the end of November St. Mary’s school performed at a Kapa Haka event for the first time and Victoria was one of the dancers/singers:

The St. Mary’s school Christmas show was documented here:

Luke’s performance was standing out for sure… And on Christmas eve we had a great evening with Stuart and Andrea again as every year:

The 7 NZ Könige are wishing you a blessed and merry Christmas as well as a good slide into 2019

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