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Blessed & Happy Easter 2018 from the König family

Hi there,

Blessed & Happy Easter from the 7 NZ Kings.

We’ve been so busy that this blog has been neglected a bit, but we’ll try our best to keep it up to date anyway 😉

At St. Mary’s they recently introduced to have chickens to give the children some insight in where eggs come from and how they are brought up. A few weeks ago now Luke’s room got some fertilized eggs with a breeder and a couple of weeks ago the little chicks hatched – which was a spectacle for the kids.
Now since the little chicks need to be looked after over the Easter weekend as well as during the upcoming school holidays, we decided to look after them for the next 4 weeks and added another 200% to our existing bird population in our little castle 🙂

Now the first night, Claudia was very motivated and as we did not have any traditional lamps viagra generico aquí losllanosonline.com viagra generico she needed to heat up a ‘heat cushion’ every few hours. Well done Claudia. However after that we decided to buy a non-LED lamp and since are using that over night to provide the necessary heat to the chicks.

Here is a video from the kids having them out (btw Hansa & Rostock are pretty envious at the moment for the kids attention ;)).

And on Easter Sunday we had our yearly Easter-Egg hunt:

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