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Craig Foster Cup Australia & Holiday for Papa and Cecilia

The first day,

We had to get up very early in the morning and then we went to the airport where we had an awesome breakfast in the lounge. Then we went on a plane for a three hour ride to gold cost for a futsal holiday. Then we arrived at the airport and got a car. Then we went to our flashy hotel but couldent check in yet so we went to Niclas’es lodge but his team was hours late. So we went to the beach and later droped Niclas off at the lodge.

The second day,

We woke up, and we had breakfast and then we went for a long walk in thevSpringbrook national park and we found eight lizard Papa found six lizard and I found two lizard. After that we went back to the hotel for a little nap then once we woke up we went for a swim at the beach. After that we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

The third day,

Today were Niclas’es first games he had three. The first one was early in the morning but the team didn’t show up. After that we went to the beach for a couple of hours while Niclas stayed in the staidium. He won his secound game 9:3 and finished the last game of the day with a win.

The fourth day,

We woke up and had breakfast and then walked over to Niclas’es lodge who was playing cards with his team at that time after we viseted. Then he played his game againts last years winners they drew 3 all. After the game me and dad went swimming in the pool and then to bed.

The fifth day,

We woke up, and I had yummy breakfast and then we went to Niclas first game which was 7 :1. After we went to a big big big shopping mall and ate a yummy burger. Then we went to broad beach to have awesome fun jumping over the big big big waves. Then we went to Niclas’s 2nd game that day and it was 12:4 to the Auckland. After that East City Auckland played the quarter finals against sunshine coast and they lost 5:1 and with that were eliminated from the tournament (mostly due to the fact that the team could not capitalize on their chances as well as the biased referees). Then we went to the hotel and watched some TV and we went to bed.

The sixth day,

Today Niclas had no more games so we also had nothing to do so in the evening we picked Niclas up from the stadium ( he was supporting another team) and went to the beach to swim. After that we went to church for an hour and then we ate dinner at the best burger place in the area.

The 7th day,

As normal we woke up and ate breakfast then packed our stuff. We went for one last dip in the pool before we head back. Then we picked up Nic’s team and drove to a mall near the airport there we went shopping one last time. Then we dropped off da boys and our car. After that we went to the lounge and had dinner. Then we got on the plane and flew back home.

Cecilia and Niclas

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