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Frohe Weihnachten 2017 - Blessed & Merry Christmas 2017

Hello family and friends,

This year we’re so busy that I’ve re-used our last years blog post :).

Before we start – we wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas and a good slide into the new year 2018.

Last years Christmas we (as it is our tradition) celebrated with Stuart, Andrea, Adam, Michelle, Charlotte, Zane and one of the German coaches from Wynrs.

Christmas Video 2016

We then had some time to install the Flag Pole that we had brought over from Germany after it had been sitting in the Garage for the first 2 years 😉

Flag Pole

On the 1st of January 2017 we then picked up Marcus’ Mum and brother Tobias from the airport and the big holiday started where we had an awesome time with Onkel Tobias and the ‘grosse Oma Koenig’. We haven’t somehow been able to do a blog post about it as there were so many great things and pictures and videos – maybe Max will have some time to finish it off this school holidays and we’ll add it in 🙂

After Tobias and Oma went back to Germany, Niclas, Milorad and Marcus took the task to climb Mt. Taranaki over Waitangi day:

Mt. Taranaki

The follow-on time was again very very busy – with Niclas playing the pre season 15th grade tournament (one grade up) and then the start of the actual season with some injuries that set him back.
The following school holidays we did some nice trips out west and to Rangitoto:

Trip out West

Anzac day on Rangitoto

And then the big trip for Claudia, Victoria & Luke was on the doorstep starting with Luke’s last day in Kindergarten – a huge step for our little family as now we only have school children left ;))

Luke’s last day in Kindergarten

Cecilia’s singing at her Piano concert

4 weeks alone @home & top of the league clash for Niclas & Max

Then lot’s and lot’s of business – where Marcus had to start preparing the launch of his new business with his friend Alexis (Systemethix) and a number of trips to Australia as well as the peak of the season for the kids – with Niclas’s team finishing 3rd and securing promotion to the top league as well as Max’s team finishing 2nd in the league.

At the end of the season Niclas was again invited by the 15th grade team to play in Taupo with them, where the team did very well and almost won their competition:

Holiday’s in Taupo

The final school assembly for St. Mary’s where Luke and Cecilia got awards:

School Assembly’s & Music performance

Now – that concludes our year and again we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Gods richest blessings to you and your family.

I know that next year will be even busier for our little family here in NZ 🙂

update – Video from Christmas Eve

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