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Marcus; Niclas; Victoria; Cecilia & Luke alone at home

Hey there,

Max had his annual St. Johns camp this weekend and so Claudia accompanied him as a parent helper looking after the kids there. So Friday at 4pm Marcus dropped Claudia and Max off and went back home. For the first nights dinner we all went shopping and bought Pasta and ingredients for the sauce. We are still fasting so there has been no meat for us in the last 4 weeks (except for Sunday of course). Marcus cooked a yummy tomato sauce and the kids loved it (we also left some for Max when he returns as this is his favourite food).
Saturday we started slow and mowed the lawn together and cleaned the house a bit – after that we went for a hike to the playground and picked up some meat for dinner (catholic Sunday starts with the 5pm vesper on Saturday :)). At home Marcus warmed up the left-overs from the previous night for lunch.
After the lunch break we all went on a bit of a hike through Onehunga/Mangere which was quite nice and the kids spent some time on the playgrounds along the way. When we came home Marcus made dinner and after we all had cleaned up the kitchen we watched a cool movie (Monsters vs Aliens).

On Sunday we went to church after breakfast where Niclas was the altar boy. Followed was that by a trip to Mangere Domain where we explored the volcano – pretty cool over there and it also was a nice hike 🙂
After that we had lunch at Carls and spent half an hour at the beach near Niclas’ college before we had to drop off Vicki at a birthday party.
After that (it was quite late already) it wasn’t long till Claudia and Max arrived back in AKL.

All in all – a great weekend with the kids with lot’s of enjoyable activities.

Here fotos from Claudia and Marcus from the weekend

1 comment to Marcus; Niclas; Victoria; Cecilia & Luke alone at home

  • Sharron

    Was a great camp, thanks for the photos of Andre.
    Hope Max and Claudia enjoyed the camp. Look forward to next one.
    Love the write up Marcus, should like you had a great weekend also

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