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Another big move ahead! NZ we’re coming back ;)

Hi all,

we have exciting news…
Some of you might have seen the new Countdown timer on the right hand side of the blog – so now here we are:

Last week Marcus received an offer from NZ and before we realized our flights were booked and the Container (almost) organized.

We don’t know how to feel at the moment – the Kids and Marcus are mostly happy (of course with a few drawbacks), Claudia has been hit by surprise and while she is happy to go back – she also looks at the family side of things – as we won’t return to Germany for at least another 3-4 years.

Anyway – our flights here leave on the 23rd of August in Hamburg (for anyone who wants to send us of – 2pm to London).
We will be in AKL on the 25th of August and Stuart + Andrea kindly offered us to stay at their house for the first two weeks – as they are on holiday during that time – Thanks for that guys.

Marcus has to start working on the 1st of September already – so not much time to look for a house and so on – it’ll be a stressful start – as usual with us… But we are sure that we’ll manage 😉

Alright – that’s it for now – stay tuned – as always we’ll keep the Blog updated and there should be quite a few posts coming in the next few months.

Cheers from Berlin (for another 7 weeks ;))

The 7 Kings 😀

PS: if someone needs a new (biggish) car – feel free to contact us Unser Bulli

7 comments to Another big move ahead! NZ we’re coming back ;)

  • Nicole

    Exciting news! Hope to catch up with the families once you are here… good luck with everything and let us know if you need our help or anything else.

  • sascha

    Wll come back!

  • Barbara Jungbluth

    I wish you a goog start back in NZ 🙂

  • Samuel Wenz

    hey Markus,
    ich hätte Interesse an eurem Bulli…
    Wie kommen wir weiter?

  • Michael

    After 6 years NZ we are thinking of going back to Germany for the same reasons you mentioned in one of your posts. Not sure if this is would be the right decision though. There are good and not so good things about Germany and NZ. It is really hard to decide. Maybe you can help with sharing some experience ?

  • Diana

    Yeah…concrats for the job offer! Stay adventurously! Suuuuper 😀

  • Antje

    habe gerade durch Zufall Eure Website entdeckt.
    Wir sind auch eine Deutsche Familie mit 5 Kindern in der Naehe von Chch,
    seit 4 Jahren hier ( und davor schon mal mit 3).
    Freue mich, dass es hier auch noch andere Grossfamilien gibt:-)
    Alles Gute
    Take care

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