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holidays at cable bay

In the school holidays Mum and Mad had a break with their work so we packed our stuff and our toys to get right up to cable bay and on the first day we stayed at the holiday house and relaxed.

The next day we went to the Sand dunes, but we couldn’t ride on our Body Boards because it was to wet and it could have hurt because the Wind was so strong so the sand raced onto our feet , so we went to a light House and it was very windy, and at the bottom of the hill were the light House was standing there were some signs which told us which Direction to a few country’s and city’s.

On the third day we went to our friends Robert & Laura and they live on a Farm, they have 5 cows , 2 goats , 4 Chicken’s , 2 cats & 1 dog which is called Max. So my friend Robert had a great electronic helicopter but it wasn’t charged so we charged it but it still hasn’t worked and then I had to go home.

On the fourth day we went to a Beach which was just across the road and there were many rocks were we could climb on so at first every one was climbing on the rocks then Papa, Niclas and I started to play soccer with bare feet and that did hurt a bit.

At night time mum went into the kitchen and wanted to put the toaster away and then she saw a mouse and she started screaming!!! So we locked it into the bathroom and it stayed in there till the next people came into the house. But in the afternoon we went to Robert again and we tried the helicopter but it didn’t work so I asked Papa if he could have a look at it so he charged it for a while and then we tried it again but it still didn’t work and we tried it till we went back home but it still didn’t work.

On the last day it was Cecilia’s birthday & we went back home so we packed our stuff and started cleaning up so we went strait back home and we finally saw our birds called hansa and rostock and we couldn’t wait till we slept in our beds again.

By Max Koenig

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