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Mt Taranaki

On the Waitangi weekend Milorad came to our house to pick me (Niclas) and Papa up for the drive to new Plymouth over the weekend. It toke us round about 4 hours to get there because there was no traffic. When we arrived at our room in the motel, we sorted our stuff and borrowed us three bikes. We rode to the mall and bought some new sun glasses and then did the coastal walkway which was nice but the wind was pretty annoying.

Sunday was the day we tackled Mt Taranaki. At 4:15 we woke up got ready to rumble.

We were at the car park (which is at the Mt. Taranaki Visitors Center at 952 masl) at around 5:30 am and started walking up to the Tahurangi Lodge (1468 masl) in the darkness at 5:40 am. One part on the way to the Tahurangi hut walk is called The Puffer, we watched the sun rise on the part just before the Puffer. We then went up the puffer it was the hardest part of the on the way to Tahurangi Lodge because it was very steep. When we finally reached the lodge we had a short break.  

At about 7:20 we started walking again and had to get up a lot of stairs, which led to the hardest part of the Mt Taranaki the scoria which is a very steep path covered in lose gravel.  I always slid down a couple of meters.

My favorite part of Mt Taranaki was the Lizard Rock it had lots of rocks that were different sizes that we had to climbed up. When we finished that part (I had to wait for the other two) we reached the crater which was covered in snow and ice. It was slippery and hard to overcome as I constantly slid back again when I gained some hight, but Papa gave me some tips and I was able reach the top where we ate our lunch and took some pictures. We also had a snow ball fight.

As we went down Papa twisted his ankle, I stumbled and a big rock rolled against the back of my leg and Milorads shoe sole came off. The way up was physically challenging but on the way down we had lots of little challenges to accomplish. So it took us four hours to get back down to the car.

When we were back at the motel Papa and me went to church which was followed with a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant. Papa had a dish called suicide bomber it was very hot, Milorad had phad thai yellow noodles and I had normal phad thai. When we got back Papa and Milorad had a beer and I was watching a movie, then we went to bed.

On Monday we started our way back home. On the way we visited a very nice park in New Plymouth with a big lake and waterfalls that start pouring down water if you press a button. We walked around a little. Then started our long drive home. We ended our beautiful weekend with an ice at our favorite ice cream shop, liky liky. 

I really enjoyed this weekend cause it was challenging and fun.

Written by Niclas

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