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Blessed & Merry Christmas 2016

Hello family and friends,

it is this time of the year again and this year we’ll just give you a little summary of what we were up to 🙂

Before we start – we wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas and a good slide into the new year 2017. We’ve been waiting for the school holidays as Marcus’s Mum and brother will arrive in less than a couple of weeks and we’ll all have a great break after a very busy 2016.

The beginning of last year we celebrated in Sydney. We stayed at Alexis’s house for almost two weeks and enjoyed the views & some of NSWs nice beaches.

Holiday in Sydney

In March – Marcus was alone at home with 4 kids – as Claudia and Max went to a St. John’s camp:

Marcus (and Kids) alone at home

Marcus also got a new bike in March 😉 – new motorbike

In April the busy sports season started – man – Niclas had sometimes 4 games per weekend and training every day during the week. Vicki did Netball & dancing and Max also played football. Together with the music lessons they are getting after school this almost brought us over the edge. But after all – the kids love it…

In June we finally got to have a few days off and we went up north:

holidays at cable bay

This was followed by another busy season and bam – 10 more weeks past and we went up to cable bay again:

Cable bay 2nd take

At the end of October – Claudia stopped working with Porse as she found a great job as a day care centre chef close by. That though meant that everyone got even busier as she’s now working everyday from 10 – 2pm – but she’s had a great impact there already after only 6 weeks and loves it being back at work.

And finally a listing of all the concerts and shows our kids were doing this year:

first concert

Vicki performing at Fathersday Mass

second concert

Vicki’s Dance show

Let’s hope next year is not as busy for all of us 😉

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