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Daffodil festival

Today we went to the daffodil festival.

But before we went there I had a game and although we lost 2-0 it was a good game. After that we went back home to eat lunch – Mama made us fried eggs with bacon strips – yum.

When we where done we packed our stuff a.k.a water and yoyos (we got them on Saturday from Papa as presents from his trip to Sydney) and made our way off to one tree hill park. It was quite a long walk from our home there and back – actually it was about 12kms for all of us and additionally had been running up and down the field for an hour during my game.

When we arrived at the festival it wasn’t to packed at the start, so the girls made a paper daffodil and mum got some plants for free. When we moved on there where fairy’s but i couldn’t see what they where doing cause that area was full of people. Then we found the face paint station and the line was 20 kids long we joined in. To pass the waiting Max,Vicki and me went and played tag in the trees nearby after round about 30 minutes it was the girls and Lukes turn. My little brother got a dinosaur on his cheek, Vicki got a rainbow on her forehead and Cecilia has a fairy on her cheek. Then went all the way back to the end of Onehunga mall to go get some ice cream.

We went to our favourite ice cream shop liky liky we had a lot of delicious ice cream.

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Greetings – Niclas

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