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Ski fun on an active volcano

Hi there,

Although we do already have temperatures beyond 20 degrees (during the day) we spent the last week in the snow on Mt. Ruhapehu to go skiing.

We left on Wednesday morning. On the way to the Mountains we stopped by the Kiwi-House which is a bird zoo (similar to ‘Vogelpark Marlow’ by Rostock) with all kinds of birds including Kiwis.
After that first adventure we went of to Ohakune where we had a nice bach with mountain-views. So we went up to the ski field to rent the ski’s and buy the lift passes.

On Thursday, Cecilia did her first beginners ski course while Victoria went with the advanced group – next year she’ll be able to come up onto the mountain with Max, Niclas and Marcus.
At about 1pm they closed the slopes due to bad weather conditions and we went home after spending some time skiing together with the girls.

On Friday the Lifts were still closed and so we decided to visit Stuart in Whanganui where he had to do some work followed by a nice dinner back in the house.

Saturday was awesome – we had the best weather and all lifts were open, so Max, Niclas and Marcus got a bit of a sun-burn and spent the full day from open to close on Ski’s.
This was followed by a hearty dinner and a good nights sleep 😉

The fun was already over on Sunday where we went home again.
After all a good few days out of Auckland in the snow that will be repeated next year for sure 🙂

Greetings from the sunny side of the globe 🙂


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