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Kindergarten, Emergency day, Football & walk at the sea

Hi there,

Our little Luke will turn 3 soon. At the end of last year Claudia got asked if Luke want’s to start early with Kindergarten and we decided to let him start with Term 2 just after Easter.

So he did not stop telling us about the fact that when the Easterbunny was here – he’ll start Kindergarten. So guess what happened after church on Easter Sunday… That was a bit hard to understand for him that the Kindergarten also had Easter-school holidays 😉

So Cecilia and Luke are in the same group together and Cecilia is a really great big sister – helping & translating when needed. It is also good for the both of them that CCK (Constance Colgrove Kindergarten) has a German intern teacher at the moment.

Luke is doing very well with the new environment and so Claudia has a little more time to focus on her daycare child 3 days a week.

This week Claudias childcare agency hosted the Emergency day where they had a police helicopter, fire engine, police cars and St. Johns (where Max is now a scout) emergency service were there. The kids (Cecilia and Luke) had good fun and even Marcus managed in between appointments to come by.

Of course Niclas had started playing Football with Wynrs again – though this is not really competitive. And the Kiwi’s here only play football during Winter. So Niclas went for trials at Ellerslie and Eastern Suburbs (which is supposed to be the better club) and liked it a lot more at Ellerslie (he can also walk/cycle to training there now). So he had his first game in the red team (top team that will most likely compete in the premier league) today against Dury (trial match). They did very well and Niclas played a good match after that long break – we are keen to see more of that good team effort and the season will start next Saturday.

Niclas is also looking forward to fly to Korea next August for 10 days to play at an international tournament most likely against the FC Barcelona and other teams from around the world. This is a big step for him and of course for us to send him half way around the world…

Last but not least – we met the Würdig family today at Duder regional park (just after Niclas’ game) and had a nice walk along the sea again – one of our favorit spots now.

Greetings from the 7 kings 🙂

1 comment to Kindergarten, Emergency day, Football & walk at the sea

  • Nancy

    Hallo ihr Lieben! Ich freue mich immer über eure news und natürlich auch darüber, dass Niclas fleißig trainiert und Freude am Fussball hat! Lasst es euch gut gehen!!! Liebe Grüße aus Berlin!! Nancy

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