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Upper Kauri Walk

Hi there,

as always – we’ve been quite busy – but this weekend we had some time for us after a little while 😉

Anyway Friday after work we decided to go and see the sunset in Piha – which was really nice – on Saturday after the girls had their swimming lessons and Niclas his Saturday Kiwi Kick with Wynrs we went sailing – meaning Niclas, Max, Dad and Adam (Niclas’ friend) went of to Kohi to sail a little – it was a bit choppy – but other than that fine – except for the location – we had to carry the boat quite far – so next time we’ll go somewhere more convinient 😉

Today after church and looking at a house we picked up Niclas from his Football training session for a tournament in South Korea (he was invited to go there in August to also play against FC Barcelona) and went to the Waitakere’s to do a short walk.

We did most of the Upper Kauri walk and turned back just before 5 to be back home in time for the Sunday routine 😉

Here some pics from that and some others.

Cheers from NZ (still summerish)

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