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Merry Christmas and a good start into 2015

First off – Luke, Cecilia, Victoria, Max, Niclas, Claudia & Marcus wish you all a blessed and Merry Christmas and a good slide into the new year.

It is that time of the year again where we reflect on what has happened.

When we did this the last few years, we thought it cannot get more eventful and we will have a quieter year ahead of us. But so far we were very wrong.

This year started quiet – (can be seen by the number of posts in January :)).

For the first and only holiday this year we went skiing again in the giant mountains (like the previous year) and had a lot of fun.

Holiday Giant Mountains

In March we were quite busy – firstly Marcus had started speaking to IBM NZ again about a possible job and Max and Vicki had another stage appearance:

Kids Performance

In April we used the Easter break to spent some time with Oma Koenig in her old homeland which was good fun.

Eastern & CZ

Niclas and Max had their first Holy Communion after that – although we weren’t happy at all with the way that was celebrated, the boys still had a very nice party and I am sure they have good memories there – after all the party afterwards was great.

Holy Communion

In June Marcus received his first offer from IBM (GTS) – to get his old Job back – big news and Vicki had another stage appearance with her cheerleader group.

Vicki on stage
Back to NZ

That was the kickoff of another insanely stressful 8 weeks to prepare the move back…

As Niclas, Max & Marcus had started a sailing course (done by Tino in Salem ;)) in May – this needed to be completed.

August was packed with events:

  • Marcus stopped working to work on the move project
  • Marcus negotiated another job-offer with IBM STG (which took longer than expected)
  • loading of the container – Thanks again to our relentless helpers there
  • went to a few games of Hansa
  • renovating the house (Marcus got sick – must have been too much stress)
  • and finally the flight back home after a tearful farewell at the airport.

Surprise for Niclas
Hamburg -> London -> Hong Kong -> Auckland

September was right into the routine. Marcus started with his new job at IBM the kids started school (first at Ellerslie later Vicki at St. Mary’s) and we were able to rent a house in the first week.

first day in school
Fairy fest Ellerslie

In October we bought a Boat:

fun and games

our Container arrived (very stressful again as Marcus had to fly out to Melbourne the same day)

we bought pets (one more thing we promised the kids moving forward)

and of course went sailing

Claudia started to work again in November and Marcus was (as usual) completely snowed under so that it was pretty quiet in that regard.

spring fun

beach adventures

December – that was (so far) mostly prep for xmas and of course Luke’s little accident:

Luke in the hospital

After all – another madly busy year for us.

Next year should be not as bad – although we have decided to buy a house (if we can find the right one) – so watch this space 🙂

Merry Christmas from the 7 NZ Kings 😉

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