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Fun in spring

Hey there,

it’s been madly busy the last few weeks & weekends. While the kids have settled very well into school and after-school activities, Claudia was busy preparing to start as a Porse home educator again. She’ll actually start with a 1 year old child tomorrow…

Marcus has been very busy with his new job and works about 6 full days a week at the moment to keep up.

Anyway – on the first November weekend we went to Stuart & Andrea where Claudia and the girls went out to the Waitakeres to do some horseback riding:

While Marcus & Stuart went out to have a look for a suitable car – which turns out to be challenging…

Last weekend we had our house warming party – a lot of people turned up and it was a great get-together and nice to see everyone who came along.

On Friday we went out again to look at some cars but it wasn’t too successful – on the other hand – we still have time 😉
After that Claudia, Vicki and Niclas went to Vicki’s first school disco, where Niclas met his old classmate Jakob again (his sister was there also ;))

This weekend we went to IBM’s family xmas at Ambury Park – that was also quite a fun event where we got to see how cows are being milked and lot’s of sheeps, goats and horses – and of course ice cream – kites, face painting and pizza for everyone 😉

The coming week will hopefully be a bit less stressful (although Claudia is starting with her work…). We’ll try to go sailing again next Sunday – fingers crossed that the weather holds up.

Cheers from NZ

the 7 Koenigs 😉

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