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first day in school

Hi there,

today is school day number 3 for Vicki, Max & Niclas. On Monday they all started in Ellerslie Primary/Intermediate. Vicki joined the year one class, Max year 4 and Niclas (senior student there) joined year 7. As the school year here ends at Christmas – that’s going to change soon.
So the whole family dropped them off on Monday where we had to buy the stationary and (much more expensive) school uniforms for all of them. After that the school had assembly time where certain children got their awards for their good behavior or achievements.
Following that, all of us brought Victoria to her room to get her started (and so that Niclas and Max know where her sister would be.

Then we dropped of Max at his new class and after that Niclas.
When Claudia picked them up, we had another surprise waiting, as they all drove into the City to park at IBM from where we walked up to the Skytower, to have our Welcome/First School Day Dinner – which of course was well received by all of them.

We have to say – so far (and even with not getting them into the schools we had preferred) we are all very happy about how it all goes in regards to school and our family.

Here are some pictures from Monday.

Cheers from North Shore City

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