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Hamburg -> London -> Hong Kong -> Auckland

Hi there,

I am sure you were waiting on some news here on our Blog – so here we go.

The last weeks in Germany were really stressful for Claudia and Marcus. After the Container had departed Claudia sent Marcus to the Doc to get checked out – as he was felling really bad and wasn’t in any condition to paint the house.
Fortunately Anne gave him some good drugs and we were able to finish painting on Tuesday already.
The weekend we spent at Aunt Ines’s silver wedding anniversary and after that handed the house back over to our landlord (who seemed impressed).
On Monday after that we had our family farewell in the pigsty and on Tuesday we said farewell to the Krauses.
Claudia stayed in Hamburg with Carmen from Wednesday to Saturday and Marcus took the chance to visit Enrico & family in Greifswald followed by the last night in Penzlin (where we went to the castle party).

On Saturday Markus collected Marcus, Max & Vicki from Penzlin – we drove by Greifswald to farewell Enrico & family and then went straight to the airport.
There we met Claudia, her sisters & her mum with the rest of the kids and all the luggage.
The checkin went surprisingly well – we had to checkin ~15 bags + 4 child seats & a stroller. In total >200kgs.
Then the trip started – first to London where they had a nice family suite where the kids could run around before the first long part to Hong Kong (12h) – then to HK where we had to stay 8h before our last flight left to Auckland (~11h). At the airport Michael, Sascha & Helena picked us up and we were able to get all our luggage into both cars (we had our doubts initially).
Then off to Stuart’s place where we will stay for the next two weeks (they are on holiday & celebrating Stuarts 50th + the 25 wedding anniversary).

Today we are feeling a bit tense – but we are happy that we could pickup our new car already (next post :)).

Cheers from Greenbay
the 7 NZ Kings 😉

1 comment to Hamburg -> London -> Hong Kong -> Auckland

  • Thomas

    Schön zu hören, dass ihr gut in NZ angekommen seit! Ich wüsche euch auf jeden Fall einen guten 2. Start! Wenn mal Muße ist können wir ja mal Hangouten – aber kommt erstmal an!

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