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Container has departed

And how it has…
We had ordered a 40ft one, as last time, when we came back from NZ the 20ft container was fully packed up.

We had bought quite a bit of stuff here and when the Container arrived on Friday, we thought, man we’ll never get that full.

That was quite wrong…

On Saturday, Enrico, Georg, Peter, Frank, Sandro, Michael, Randy, Sebastian and last but not least Jurij arrived to help us (Niclas, Claudia and Marcus) to load up our stuff.
Claudia & Enrico went of to the car rental place to get a mini-van with a hydraulic ramp (to get the Motorbikes into the container and to avoid lifting all the stuff onto the container (which was still on the trailer in ~1.30m height.

We were done loading everything in at around lunchtime – the only items left were the motorbikes, the bicycles and the Exercycle’s.

To fit them in, we had to build a “roof” which was quite fun – lot’s of engineers together making good suggestions. We’ll see what happens when the container gets unloaded.

Anyway. Thanks a lot to everyone who came to help – also to our parents who took care for our 4 younger ones.

Here is the video of the Container departing along with some pics from the loading and how it looked like before it was picked up.

Cheers from Claudia and Marcus + kids 😉

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