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First Communion of Niclas and Max in Berlin Buch

Hi there,

it is quite late, but the boys took some time to write up this post and here it comes 🙂

First Communion

On May the 11th was our First Communion. This is a catholic event that usually takes place at age 9 (Max is 8 and Niclas 11). The Holy Communion is there to remember the Last Supper that Jesus celebrated with his 12 apostles the evening before he was crucified. When he broke the bread and blessed the wine he told us / the apostles to do this in his memory. To eat the bread means to embrace the body of Christ and drinking the wine means to drink his blood to be cleansed of our sins.

Michael and Manja + Baby Margarethe arrived (after we all went to the last Hansa game in Rostock) on Saturday to stay the night.
In the morning we (Niclas – had to / Max – loved to) put on our suits and Dad dropped us of at the church.


Marcus: The church was more than full – there were 22 kids and 30 benches – 22 benches reserved for the family’s + 4 for the 22 children – we alone had 27 guests – Enrico + family and Marty + family had to stay out and we only got to sit in the last row and were not able to see anything as the late guests were queuing in the middle of the church. And if that wasn’t enough – no one except the “hired” photographer was allowed to take pictures – so when the boys had their first communion – he did not take one picture. In summary we have to say we bitterly regret the decision not to celebrate this event with father Balog (he offered us last year to do the first communion with him in a small round including preparation weekends).
The boys liked it though – they still had a good mass – sad just for us that we were not really able to enjoy this event with them.



When church was over we made a photo of all of us and went to Mum and Dad and the rest of our guests (who were still at the church). We then drove to the restaurant where we had our party – the Lunch was delicious (Mum and Dad had ordered it from Cafe Max as always really really good).
The owner of the restaurant had another surprise for us – he is the writer/singer of the “Hansa-anthym” so we had something to talk about 🙂 .

When we arrived at the Restaurant we got our presents. I (Niclas) got a Panini Sticker album for the WM from auntie Cornelia, a Hansa bread board from auntie Carmen and from Mum and Dad I got the original football shoes from and signed by Leo Haas (Mid-fielder at Hansa Rostock).
Max got a new bicycle (with 21 gears ;)) he got a LED-torch and we both got a board game from uncle Enrico and his family.

Thank you for all the best wishes and gifts.

Niclas & Max

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