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Happy (belated) Easter + trip to CZ with Grandma König

Happy Easter to everyone 😉

Sorry – that was a bit late – but better late than not at all…

On Good Friday we met Katrin Schneegold (we met her in NZ – see the links on the right side of the page :)) at Potsdamer Platz to walk through the sights nearby finished by Lunch in the Coa restaurant (nice there…).

On Saturday we attended the only English Easter Virgil in Berlin this year (was the earliest Easter Virgil we could find :)). That was quite interesting – there was a African-style-choir with really cool music – Vicki started dancing during their performance 😉

On Sunday the kids had to find the Easter gifts and after that we went up to Claudia’s parents – for lunch and afternoon tea.

For dinner we had a BBQ at Marcus’ parents where we stayed the night.
Easter Monday Marcus’ grandparents & brother came along for lunch and afternoon tea.

Claudia, Luke, Marcus and Marcus’ grandma then left for Berlin.
On Tuesday we went to Usti nad Labem to see where grandma/dad König came from (Povrly, Kninice, Konojedy, …).

the 7 Königs 😉

Easter @home:

Easter @Grandparents in Stavenhagen:

Blessed &

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