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Holiday impressions from Gold Coast

Here a few nice pictures from our holiday in Gold Coast. We’ll be adding more pics to it over the course of the week – just to make you jealous 🙂

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car #24

Hey there,

as Niclas is soon turning 16 and allowed to start driving here in NZ we decided to buy a second car for the first time ever in NZ.

No Year Car 1. 1998 Trabant 2. 1999 Ford Escort 3. 1999 VW Golf 3 1.8l 4. 2000 VW Golf 2 Diesel (Post-Golf) 5. 2001 […]

2018 - another year overloaded with events

Hi there,

it’s been a while. Things have been super-busy with the Königs in NZ.

Here some videos from the last few months about what we were up to.

After Victorias first Holy Communion we were blessed with some time in Fiji where Cecilia celebrated her 8th birthday:

After the Fiji trip we were […]

Vicki's Holy Communion

Hi there,

Vicki had her Holy Communion a few weeks ago and here are some of the pictures taken by the photographer.

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Blessed & Happy Easter 2018 from the König family

Hi there,

Blessed & Happy Easter from the 7 NZ Kings.

We’ve been so busy that this blog has been neglected a bit, but we’ll try our best to keep it up to date anyway 😉

At St. Mary’s they recently introduced to have chickens to give the children some insight in where eggs come […]

beach day

Hi there,

today we went to Bethells Beach – or more accurately to Lake Wainamu to do some sprint training with Niclas, Dune surfing for the kids and also a little bit of a hike from Vicki and Papa. This was followed by a nice dinner at Stuart’s and Andrea’s new Farm where the kids […]

Craig Foster Cup Australia & Holiday for Papa and Cecilia

The first day,

We had to get up very early in the morning and then we went to the airport where we had an awesome breakfast in the lounge. Then we went on a plane for a three hour ride to gold cost for a futsal holiday. Then we arrived at the airport and got […]