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School Assembly's & Music performance

Hi there,

yesterday was full of School assembly’s. Starting of with the Middle school price giving at Marcelin College where the boys missed out on any of the numerous awards. Followed by St. Mary’s end of school year assembly where Luke won the Special Character Award & Cecilia got the Excellence in Learning Award.

Well done little ones!!!

That was followed by the music performance from Niclas and Victoria which was done exceptionally well:

Greetings from the 7 NZ Kings 😉

St. Mary’s Assembly & Certificates

Vicki’s class conducted the assembly today and Cecilia & Victoria got a certificate also 😉

Holiday's in Taupo

First day in Taupo(Friday)

Today we did a long drive to Taupo, we were very bored until we arrived at the holiday house. After we checked out the house, then we went to Niclas’s team meeting/play. We came home from Niclas’s meeting and the kids played hide’n seek in the dark and then we went to bed…


Second day in Taupo(Saturday)

Today Niclas had to wake up early with Papa to get to his first football match. He luckily won it. Papa came to pick Mama, Vicki(Victoria), Cecilia, Luke and me.When we arrived at the football tournament we watched Niclas play his last 3 games for that day. when we arrived at home we went outside and played tag.


Third day in Taupo(Sunday)

Today Niclas, Papa and Cecilia woke up to go to Niclas’s first game for the day. Vicki, Luke and I were staying at home to enjoy the morning and us kids were watching a movie. We were watching this dog movie about dogs and one cat getting lost. After the second movie Papa and Cecilia picked us up. We went to see the last few games and then we went home. It was time for some monopoly. Luke likely won and then we all went to bed.


Fourth and last day in Taupo(Monday)

Today we were getting ready to leave for Auckland and we packed the car and drove off.


4 weeks alone @home & top of the league clash for Niclas & Max

not quite – but on Friday 4 weeks ago Claudia left together with Luke & Victoria to a surprise visit in Germany for a total of 5.5 weeks.

So I have to look after the other 3 kids – which turned out to be quite ok. While it is stressful to now also cover the housework; shopping; washing – I have to say that the boys are doing very well. They are responsible for preparing the lunch boxes every night for all 3 of them (Cecilia helps at times) and they almost completely cover for their school and after school activities. So I really only have to take care of Cecilia and pickup the boys from training at night while Claudia is enjoying her well deserved holiday over in Germany.

On another note – yesterday Max’s 11th grade team – Ellerslie silver met with the 2nd in the 5th division and they had an exiting game. At halftime they were 0:4 down against Fencibles and they did an amazing job to turn it around in the second half and drew 5:5. Great effort.

Same for Niclas today – the second game in the season they played against Forrest Hill’s conference team – it was Niclas’ first game after he came back from his injury and they only lost 3:5. Today they had the re-match at Michaels Ave and coach Mark did well to set them up prior to the game with a new tactic. They were the better team today throughout the game and deserved their 1:0 win – it was certainly an exciting match where Niclas had the chance half way through the second half to score the 2:0 but it ended at the crossbar-triangle with a big bang. Now they have solidified their 2nd spot in the Conference league and got closer to the team from Forrest Hill (they’re still 5 points ahead).

Cecilia's singing at her Piano concert

Luke's last day in Kindergarten

Luke is turning 5 tomorrow and because he went to Germany with Claudia & Vicki he had his last day in Kindergarten on Thursday last week. I’ll upload some more pictures from the farewell also some time – but here for now the video:

Anzac day on Rangitoto

Finally after more than 7 years in NZ (since 2007) we made it to Rangitoto. And it was awesome…
We walked the full circle including the summit track and to the lava caves as you can see well on the pictures below.
One pic shows the distance we covered – Luke walked about 90% of that – well done little boy – but now he’s completely exhausted 🙂