May 2016
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Niclas’ game against Oratia (1:1)

Niclas is the player number 9:

football weekend

Yep – Max startet last week with his first game for 10th grade silver from Ellerslie – they lost very unluckily but played quite well. That was followed by Vicki’s first Netball tournament on Sunday – where we spent most of Sunday last week.

During the week Max got selected for the second 10th grade cricket team – and did quite well according to the teacher as he scored a 4 (whatever that means 🙂 ).

Niclas had his first 11 a side game on the big pitch today and did very very well – unfortunately it was a 1:0 loss but the team has never played a competitive match before and did quite good for that.
Also great second game from Max against Bay Olympics in Greenbay yesterday – Stuart came by to watch him play – they won 2:3 and Max played pretty good and had one shot on goal as a winger – but as soon as he became the defender – nobody was able to get past him – I think he found his position yesterday 🙂

Well done boys & Vicki!

The next weekends till about August will be usually a Saturday match for Max and a Sunday match for Niclas. That’ll prevent us from doing a lot over the time – Marcus is quite excited – while Claudia – not so much 😀

necessary commuter upgrade & new coach for Niclas

Hey there,

Niclas had his first training today and he also has a new coach. We see this with a laughing and a weeping eye (not sure if you can also say this in English) as we/Niclas really liked Ben (his coach from last year) – his new coach is Fred de Jong – an ex All White striker who also played with Wynton back in his active days. So we are looking forward to see the team play on the big pitch in 3 weeks in the metro league here in AKL.

Due to the fact that Marcus’ back is a bit achy we decided it is time to say goodbye to the Ninja that Marcus owned for such a long time.
So the new commuter is now is the BMW R nineT that Marcus call’s his own since today.


Marcus; Niclas; Victoria; Cecilia & Luke alone at home

Hey there,

Max had his annual St. Johns camp this weekend and so Claudia accompanied him as a parent helper looking after the kids there. So Friday at 4pm Marcus dropped Claudia and Max off and went back home. For the first nights dinner we all went shopping and bought Pasta and ingredients for the sauce. We are still fasting so there has been no meat for us in the last 4 weeks (except for Sunday of course). Marcus cooked a yummy tomato sauce and the kids loved it (we also left some for Max when he returns as this is his favourite food).
Saturday we started slow and mowed the lawn together and cleaned the house a bit – after that we went for a hike to the playground and picked up some meat for dinner (catholic Sunday starts with the 5pm vesper on Saturday :)). At home Marcus warmed up the left-overs from the previous night for lunch.
After the lunch break we all went on a bit of a hike through Onehunga/Mangere which was quite nice and the kids spent some time on the playgrounds along the way. When we came home Marcus made dinner and after we all had cleaned up the kitchen we watched a cool movie (Monsters vs Aliens).

On Sunday we went to church after breakfast where Niclas was the altar boy. Followed was that by a trip to Mangere Domain where we explored the volcano – pretty cool over there and it also was a nice hike 🙂
After that we had lunch at Carls and spent half an hour at the beach near Niclas’ college before we had to drop off Vicki at a birthday party.
After that (it was quite late already) it wasn’t long till Claudia and Max arrived back in AKL.

All in all – a great weekend with the kids with lot’s of enjoyable activities.

Here fotos from Claudia and Marcus from the weekend

February 2016


Christmas holidays in Sydney

Hi there,

this post has been written by Niclas & Max about our trip to Sydney:

Christmas Eve:

We played in our rooms and outside until our guests Stuart, Andrea, Charlotte,Zane and Maxs trainer Aurelian came for Christmas eve and for a delicious BBQ. When our guests arrived we were just talking until Papa told the kids to go upstairs. When we were in the middle of playing, we heard a bell ring downstairs which means that the baby Jesus was there an we can go down and see our presents. We got a lot of presents.

On Christmas Day we went to the St Patrick’s cathedral early in the morning the church was so beautiful decorated. Then we drove to the airport we checked in and we went straight to the Koru lounge. There was so much food in the lounge. When we where inside the plane Luke was so happy to be on a plane. The flight was about 3 hours long so when we finally arrived in Sydney it was already very late and were very tired we couldn’t wait to get to bed.

The first full day in Sydney we went shopping to stock up for the holiday and discover north Sydney a little bit and stopped Manly. We also went to Aldi where we found a lot of things which you cannot get in NZ. In the evening we went to Cremorne Point where we took the ferry over to the City and had a look at the opera house which was really fascinating cause the kids didn’t know that the opera house is three houses not one. We also saw a big cruise ship disembarking from the big pier next to the bridge.

For the next day Papa had arranged a private tour through Sydney with Andrew – who Papa got to know on his sales course last year.
Andrew picked us up in the morning with his big 8 seater SUV and showed us some very nice beaches called whale beach, manly beach and palm beach were we did a bit of a walk to the great light-house of palm beach. It was a great day – Thanks again for showing us around Andrew 🙂

The next day was all about shopping. We went to an outlet mall (very very boring) and to Ikea where Niclas really wanted a Hot-dog but they only had the plain one without any onions/sauces.
We were also looking for a phone for Mum and we spotted used a playstation 3.
When we went back to the house the kids were playing in the play rooms…

29th of December
We went to the blue mountains (about 90 min drive from Sydney) it was so fun we went hiking and Papa, Max and Niclas went down the ‘Giant staircase’ at the three sisters that meant 900 stairs first down and then up again.
And if that wasn’t enough – we had a bit of a pick-nick at a quite spot (it was very very crowded in Katoomba) which was followed by a walk along the narrow neck walkway where Niclas, Papa and Max went on another smaller walkway (about 2h return) to go to a rock ‘peninsula’ overlooking most of the valley.

The fifth day in Australia was by far the best day for the kids. Mama and Papa did not tell us where we are going and we were driving for ages again. When we finally turned into the carpark we the big funnelweb slide from the Jamberoo Water Park. It also had a cool as wave pool were the waves where about 2m high and we went down a Luge and some other slides and a rapid river. We stayed there all day until the Park closed – it was the best day in our holiday.
Thanks to the two Oma Koenigs, Uncle Tobias and Mama and Papa for our great Christmas gift.

New Years Eve – the morning was pretty quite – we went shopping and had a good nap in the afternoon. We had a nice dinner and then watched the 9pm fireworks from the deck – it got us excited about the midnight one already. We left shortly after that to Cremorne Point as this was a good spot to see the bridge and the opera house there was a play ground, but we were not allowed to go on it because it was to dark and there were only adults on the playground the fireworks were so loud and big it was the best fireworks we have ever seen.

On New Years day we went shopping but not only that at the end of the day we went to Balmoral beach with Andreas and Samia to have fish&chips and we also swam a little bit.

Andrew mentioned pristine white beaches a few hours north of Sydney when he toured us around on the second day – so Mama and Papa decided to go up there.
We went to a place called Pacific Palms where we went to the beach. There were a lot of big big waves that pushed all of from our feet. On the way back we went to look for a restaurant in Newcastle – but where disappointed as most were closed… But on the toward the Highway we found a German restaurant where Papa had ‘Haxe’ and Mama had Pork Belly while we got pasta 🙂

The last days in Sydney we spent cleaning up the house, the boys also watched the newest Starwars movie again in the biggest IMAX cinema in the world. We also went shopping for things that cannot be bought easily in NZ and of course packed our stuff.
On the flight back, Papa, Luke and Vicki were flying business class as Papa still had some upgrade vouchers left.

Merry Christmas & a happy new year

Hi there,

we wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas and we want to Thank you all for your good thoughts for us and our family 🙂

This year we will not provide a review – but you can do this yourself by navigating through our block posts.

Here is our video from Nikolaus day (6th of December):

Here a video from Luke in his Kindergarten:

Victoria’s and Cecilia’s Christmas school show:

Cheers from the 7 NZ Kings 🙂